Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lettera what? i.d. the Olivetti mystery typewriter

Hi Gio, thanks for reading my blog and for sending this. Unusual indeed. It could have been a switching of labels, a real good job. Or a production mistake, which is unlikely. Or a Frankentyper (a cross with what?). What's more puzzling to me are the heart-shaped keys, I've seen round (the earlier 50s model) and square (like the L32) but not this. And believe me, I've seen a lot of Letteras. Would you mind if I post this on I dream lo-tech? Let's ask the typosphere, especially the international bloggers. The truth is out there...  -TON S.

After an exciting exchange with Nick B. who has such a sharp sleuthing eye, here are some of our findings:

> The heart-shaped keys are most likely from an Underwood 21
> The paper table looks more like that of an L32, judging from the color. Nick, you are good!
> The red tab key is not from an L32 or any Olivetti for that matter, Nick noticed that it is not even flat
>  Nick was right, voila, I found the red tab key to match that of the Rover 5000:

Compare this close-up of Gio's red tab
with the Rover's below.

from ebay

I think it's practically solved. The mystery machine has a Lettera 22 body, a Lettera 32 paper table and label, the keys of an Underwood 21, and the red tab key of a Rover 5000!

Gio, it looks like you've got yourself a Frankentyper.
Enjoy it!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Finally, a drive-in movie! (well, almost)

Typecast via Olivetti Lexikon 80

Something movie-related: photographer and lo-tech
reader Ping Amranand shared this Olivetti sighting with
me- a 60's photo of Joan Collins and her Lettera 22.
A pricey ebay listing at $40, but at least I saved the
photo for posterity. Thanks for yet another sighting
Ping, keep them coming! You can find Ping's website
on the sidebar.

Sunday, September 14, 2014