Monday, October 20, 2014

Finally, a drive-in movie! (well, almost)

Typecast via Olivetti Lexikon 80

Something movie-related: photographer and lo-tech
reader Ping Amranand shared this Olivetti sighting with
me- a 60's photo of Joan Collins and her Lettera 22.
A pricey ebay listing at $40, but at least I saved the
photo for posterity. Thanks for yet another sighting
Ping, keep them coming! You can find Ping's website
on the sidebar.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sueño hecho realidad: Andina Especial 90

When I last visited El Polt's typewriter collection (read: Typewriter Disneyland!), I had the privilege of test-typing four rare and stunning Spanish-made machines. If you recall, the one that made an impression on me, both for looks and typing feel, was the top-grade Andina Especial 90. The enabler that he is-I mean this in the best possible sense-Richard graciously gave me a lead to an Andina listing from a Spain-based seller. Although affordable, I decided to wait a bit in hopes that the price would further decrease... and it did by about 40%! So I am now the happy owner of an Andina Especial 90 in excellent condition, which is a bit of a shock considering that the seller sent the typewriter without a packaging box. Horrors! Despite my instructions that I had very carefully written in Spanish, he simply taped a single layer of bubble wrap around the case. Nada mas. The fact that it arrived with just a misaligned return lever that I was able to massage back into place is a minor miracle.

Since he pimped me to this Spanish beauty, I'll let my friend Richard (a.k.a. Usain Polt, world's fastest typist) do the honors of a first typecast...

Save for a mention in the typewriter journal Etcetera, I haven't found any
info on the Andina Especial 90. According to Richard, it is a rare typewriter
even in Spain.

Establishing year of manufacture can't be done with any great accuracy but the serial number is 12231. If anything, this debunks Richard's conjecture that the first two digits reflect the year of manufacture (his machine is 75004). Early 70s is my best guess. By the way, do you think I transgressed against my lose-one-gain-one dogma? Nope, Richard purchased my Bulgarian Omega II, remember? I told him that aside from my Olivetti grail- M40 -the only machine that I would acquire without having to let go of one is a QWERTY Groma Kolibri. Nuff said. For now.